Link to "Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery" Textbook.


        The book, "Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery, How to Reclaim Your Original Self/Soul", is available exclusively on  This detailed manual provides easy to follow directions on how to do the Twelve Steps to obtain personal healing and positive change in your life.  Please follow the link for more information.


Link to Podcast with Dan the Man and Christopher Discussing TSSR and the "Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery" Textbook.

        Recorded on Saturday, February 23, 2019, from the backyard wood-shop of DTM Enterprises.  Dan and Christopher kick around the concepts and ideas in the "Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery" textbook, plus additional ramblings and rants on a variety of recovery topics.  In addition, our good friend Shane Dog makes a surprise Juice bomb appearance towards the end to share his experience, strength and hope from applying these game-changing tools in his own life.  Please click on the link to listen or find the "Spiritual Underground" podcast on your favorite podcast provider.

  Check out the Spiritual Underground podcast with Dan the Man!  Dan hosts a wide variety of speakers sharing their personal stories of healing and recovery to showcase many different pathways to freedom and enlightenment!  Either follow the link provided and scroll down the full list of podcasts, or search "Spiritual Underground podcast with Dan Reeves" on all major podcast providers including You Tube.